Enhancing Senior Care with LoRa Smart Watches

2023-07-30 09:43:18 admin

LoRa Smart Watch for Senior Care - Hiotech.net

Retired Senior Citizens often face various health issues that impact their daily lives. To provide better care for seniors with health concerns, LoRa Smart Watches offer an ideal solution.

A LoRa smart watch functions as a wearable mini-computer or mini-smartphone, elegantly designed in the form of a wristwatch. Equipped with a display, GPS or GNSS capabilities, temperature sensor, pedometer, heart rate sensor, and Bluetooth module, this smart watch combines satellite positioning, communication abilities, and health data monitoring.

The LoRa smart watch continuously tracks the senior's real-time location and monitors their health status by regularly checking vital signs like heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and sleeping patterns. Through the LoRa network, the watch sends health data such as heart rate and humidity to the management center. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, the senior can press the SOS button on the watch, which immediately sends an SMS to the caretaker and relays the senior's location to the management center.

Discover the transformative potential of LoRa smart watches for senior care and experience enhanced peace of mind through advanced wearable technology.

LoRa Smart Watch for Senior Care - Hiotech.net