Enhance Security with LoRa Smart ID Cards: Intelligent Personnel Tracking

2023-07-30 09:53:17 admin

LoRa Smart ID Cards: Intelligent Personnel Tracking - Hiotech.net

What are LoRa Smart ID Cards?

LoRa Smart ID Cards are advanced GPS+Bluetooth dual-mode positioning wearable tracking devices based on LoRa transmission technology. These cards are tailored for efficient information-based intelligent personnel management within and outside large enterprises, industrial parks, and campuses.

Key Features of LoRa Smart ID Cards:

1. Personnel Entry Registration:

Once individuals don the LoRa Smart ID Card, their identities become traceable data displayed on the background map, promoting enhanced security and accountability.

2. Personnel Location and Track Record: 

Leveraging LoRaWAN technology, these smart ID cards provide real-time positioning and data processing for personnel. The visualization platform showcases the real-time location and historical trajectories of all users within the past 30 days, with the queried person's location highlighted.

3. Hazardous Area Safety Warning: 

Implement electronic fences to detect user entry or exit from dangerous areas. LoRa wireless communication technology transmits data to the management system, triggering a security alarm. Timely tracking and intervention by security personnel reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

4. SOS Alarm: 

Prioritizing employee safety, the LoRa Smart ID Card is equipped with an SOS alarm function. In emergencies, users can request assistance through the SOS button on the card. Pressing the SOS button triggers an alarm and reveals the employee's real-time location via the LoRa network, promptly notifying management for effective rescue measures.