LoRaWAN Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Ensure food safety with the THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Monitor refrigerator temperature wirelessly using LoRa technology. Long-lasting battery, stable operation, and remote monitoring capabilities make it ideal for open showcases, walk-in refrigerators, warehouses, low-temp trucks, and more.

  • Model: THS-10
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size: 64*75*37 mm / 150g
  • Application: Carry refrigerator&freezer, Supermarkets,Shop/Malls
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 24 months

THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Wireless Refrigerator Monitoring


The THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor is essential for ensuring food safety, especially in compliance with WW HACCP standards. Designed for wireless refrigerator temperature monitoring, this device tracks ambient temperature changes and streams the data using LoRa technology. With a LoRaWAN wireless module, the temperature status is sent to the network server via a gateway, allowing authenticated users to monitor the status remotely. The sensor operates on frequencies 868MHz (Europe), 915MHz (USA), or 920MHz (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand), and its low-power algorithm ensures the internal battery lasts for 3 years with regular uploads and alarm message transmission.


Ambient Temperature Monitoring and Remote Reporting

One-Time Lithium Battery Panasonic CR-AG

Embedded Magnet for Easy Adsorption to Iron Metal Surfaces or Equipment (Plug and Play)

TI Digital Temperature Sensor IC with Long-Term Stability and Full Range Thermal Compensation

Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30℃~70℃)

Power-Saving Long-Range (LoRa) Transmission Mode

Low Drift and High Response Speed

Small Size, Easy Installation, and Stable Operation

Water-Resistant Level: IP65

Long Life, Up to 5 Years with Panasonic CR-AG Battery

Configurable LoRa Parameters: Time Interval, Spreading Factor (SF), Frequency

2-Hour Measuring Stability Time After Refrigerator Defrost Procedure


THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Wireless Refrigerator Monitoring

THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Wireless Refrigerator Monitoring


  • Open Show Case Temperature Monitoring

  • Walk-in Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

  • Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

  • Low-Temperature Truck Temperature Monitoring

  • Carry Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

The THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor is your reliable solution for wireless refrigerator monitoring, ensuring food safety and compliance with industry standards. With its versatility and long battery life, it is suitable for various temperature monitoring applications in the food industry.

THS-10 Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Wireless Refrigerator Monitoring

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