Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch

Enhance security with HKT DS-200 Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch. Effortlessly monitor doors/windows in real-time. Long-lasting battery, wireless connectivity.

  • Model: DS-200
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size:
  • Application:
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 year

Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch - Smart Entry Detection | HKT Tech

Product Description:

The HKT Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch is a sophisticated magnetic contact switch designed to provide accurate entry detection for doors, windows, and other objects. By utilizing a minimal magnet placed inside the portable part and a sensor inside the fixed part, the Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch can easily monitor and notify you when someone enters an office, building, or if any objects have been moved. Its minimalist and compact design allows seamless integration into smart homes, smart offices, and smart factories, offering practical and real-world applications.

Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch - Smart Entry Detection | HKT Tech

Advanced LoRa Technology:

With the power of LoRa technology, known for its low power consumption capabilities, the HKT Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch operates efficiently, ensuring a battery life of nearly 2 years without requiring frequent battery replacements. It is compatible with HKT LoRaWAN® gateways and HKT IoT Cloud solution, guaranteeing real-time monitoring of open/close status and immediate alarm notifications through the mobile App.


1. Versatile Application: The Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch is suitable for various doors, windows, and objects made from different materials, making it a versatile solution for different environments.

2. Mounting Tamper Detection: This switch supports mounting tamper detection, providing an additional layer of security against unauthorized tampering.

3. LED Indication: The LED indicators offer clear visibility for network status, open/close status, tamper alerts, and low battery indication, ensuring easy monitoring.

4. Ultra-Wide-Distance Transmission: With a line of sight transmission distance of up to 15km, the DS-200 provides reliable and long-range connectivity.

5. Long-Lasting Battery: The built-in 1200 mAh replaceable battery can continuously operate for up to 2 years, reducing maintenance efforts.

6. NFC Configuration: Equipped with NFC technology, the DS-200 offers effortless one-touch configuration for seamless setup.

7. Compatibility: The DS-200 functions well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers, providing a seamless integration experience.


Wireless Transmission


LoRaWAN®  v1.0.2/v1.0.3/v1.1



Tx Power

16 dBm (868 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)


-137 dBm @300bps



Measurement and Interface

Detection Distance

15-20 mm


1 × Power Button (Internal), 1 × Tampering Button





Mobile App (via NFC)


Open/Close Status, Tamper, Low Battery

Physical Characteristics

Power Supply

1 × 1200 mAh ER14250 Li-SOCl2 battery

Battery Life

>2 years

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Relative Humidity

≤90% (non-condensing)

Ingress Protection



Sensor: 50.5 × 31 × 18 mm (1.99 × 1.22 × 0.71 in)

Magnet: 30 × 13 × 10 mm (1.18 × 0.51 × 0.39 in)


On the flat surfaces with screws or 3M tapes

Get the HKT Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch Magnetic Contact Switch Today

Discover the precision and convenience of the HKT Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch Magnetic Contact Switch and elevate your security and monitoring systems to new heights. Whether you need to monitor entrances, windows, or objects, the Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch delivers reliable and real-time information through LoRaWAN® technology. Enhance your smart home, smart office, or smart factory with this advanced and wire-free solution. Experience the power of efficient entry detection and seamless connectivity by getting the HKT Lorawan Magnetic Contact Switch today. 

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