LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker - GAT-100, Monitor cattle, horses, sheep, and camels with real-time location data and behavior insights. Improve livestock management with geofencing, theft warnings, and more.

  • Model: GAT-100
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size: 185*57*53mm
  • Application: Cattle Tracker
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 year

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management


The LoRaWAN GAT-100 GPS Cattle Tracker is a cutting-edge solution designed for efficient and scientific cattle tracking in the agriculture industry. With LoRaWAN connectivity (NB-IoT optional) and a powerful 38,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, this tracker can operate continuously for over a year without the need for battery replacement. The device collects precise GPS location data, which is then transmitted to a LoRaWAN gateway, all while being wirelessly programmable via the network server.

LoraWAN GPS Cattle Tracker - Efficient Cattle Tracking Solution | Hiotech.net

Key Features

  • Operational Cost Savings: The LoRaWAN GPS Cattle Tracker is engineered to streamline livestock management, significantly reducing operational costs.

  • Livestock Behavior Data: Gain valuable insights into livestock behavior with data collected and analyzed in real-time.

  • Herd Counting Made Easy: Say goodbye to manual herd counting; this tracker automates the process.

  • Real-Time Warnings: Receive instant alerts for theft or hostility towards the cattle under your care.

  • Geofencing Capabilities: Create virtual boundaries to monitor and control your cattle's movement effectively.

  • Robust and Remote: This device thrives in remote locations and harsh grazing environments, ensuring your cattle are always accounted for.

  • Scalable Solution: Suitable for both small and large herds, this system can be easily scaled to match your needs.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Equipped with multi-sensors, this tracker provides a holistic view of your cattle's well-being.

LoraWAN GPS Cattle Tracker - Efficient Cattle Tracking Solution | Hiotech.net

Customized Services

HKT offers a range of customized services to meet your specific requirements:

  • OEM/ODM: Tailor the tracker to your unique needs.

  • Pre-sales & After-sales Services: Benefit from our comprehensive support.

  • Technology Support: Get expert guidance for seamless integration.

LoraWAN GPS Cattle Tracker - Efficient Cattle Tracking Solution | Hiotech.net

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Band: EU868, CN470, IN865, US915, AU915, AS923

  • Battery: 38,000mAh Li-ion battery (Non-rechargeable)

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

  • Operating Humidity: ≤90%

  • Dimensions: 152 x 49 x 53mm (Weight: 360g)

  • Communication Range: Up to 5km

  • Uplink Time Interval: Programmable from 1 to 1440 minutes (Default: 30 minutes)

  • Ingress Protection: IP68

  • Collar Size: 5 cm wide nylon textile belt

  • Activation Method: OTAA/ABP Class A

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

Product picture:

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

Package Contents

  • 1 × GPS Animal Tracker

  • 1 × Belt & Buckle

  • 1 × Certificate

  • 1 × Box


Our LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker, the GAT-100, offers a versatile solution for monitoring and managing various types of livestock, ensuring their well-being and security. Here are the key applications:


With the GAT-100, you can closely monitor the location and behavior of your cattle. Whether they are grazing in remote pastures or part of a large herd, this tracker provides real-time insights, helping you prevent theft, manage herds efficiently, and track their movements effectively.


For horse breeders, the GAT-100 is an invaluable tool. It allows you to safeguard the health and location of your horses. Whether you're monitoring racehorses, show horses, or those used for leisure, our tracker ensures that you have the information you need for their welfare.


Efficiently managing sheep herds often requires remote tracking. The GAT-100 can operate seamlessly in these environments, helping you count and keep track of your sheep. The device also provides temperature data to ensure that the well-being of your flock is maintained.


In many parts of the world, camels are essential livestock for transportation and agriculture. The GAT-100 offers a comprehensive tracking solution for camels, ensuring you can monitor their location, health, and movements. Whether your camels are in remote desert regions or on working farms, this tracker keeps you informed.

By using the LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker across these applications, you can make informed decisions that improve the health, safety, and efficiency of your livestock management. Our tracker is versatile, scalable, and designed to address the specific needs of various types of livestock, making it a valuable asset for livestock breeders, farmers, and animal welfare advocates.

LoRaWAN GPS Livestock Tracker for Intelligent Animal Management

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